What I can share.

So recently, I’ve been busy putting my life back on track. I have been invited to different interviews, which by the way gave me panic attack (kidding).

As I was sitting on the waiting area of a company, I thought that I should write about “how to prepare for an interview” or something like that. So here are my own thoughts about it:

1. Your resume or “curriculum vitae”

This is the most essential part of the process. Yes, you have submitted a resume or CV in the company that you’re going to apply to via electronic mail, but do you really expect them to have a copy of that as you go in to their office for an interview? Of course you will be the one responsible to print it (in nice ink, btw) and give it to them once they ask it from you. You don’t really want to say, “I have sent it via email” or “Can I go outside and print it first?” You will look unprepared even though you have researched and practiced for that interview. Always remember, first impression is really important.

2. Your attire

Be presentable. Don’t wear anything too showy or sexy. Wear something “professional” that you are most comfortable wearing. For the ladies, if you are not comfortable with your heels, you might as well wear your presentable flats. And don’t forget to iron your clothes.

3. Research

Research anything about the company. How did they started and what are their services or specialty. In the interview, they will likely ask you, “So what do you know about our company?” It is awkward if you say, “Honestly I don’t know anything.” Why did you apply for that company in the first place if you don’t know anything?

4. Bring a photocopy of your credentials

Most companies or offices ask if you have your Transcript of Records or a copy of your diploma even if they hadn’t ask you to bring it. It will be nice to always have it if you are going to an interview just in case.

5. Patience

Most interviews, especially in big companies, last for almost a whole day because they conduct different tests and you will be interviewed by different people. It is important for you to have patience to wait for your turn because if you go home, you will lose the chance to be hired. Don’t expect them to call you again. There are hundreds of people waiting to be in the same position as you want to be so they might as well consider someone who’s willing. Going home is like giving up. It is important to finish what you started.

6. Be confident. 

I know this is hard especially when you are really nervous. But I always instill in my mind that the interview will be about me. Who else knows yourself better than you do? But don’t be over confident that you’ll end up being a brag. Just 100% confidence is enough. And oh, always respect those who interview you because they are the ones who you’ll be with every day once you get hired. You don’t want to disrespect anyone in the company that you want to be a part of, do you?


Prayer always work. When all else fails, just pray.

Remember that being interviewed is just the first step. Once you get hired, it is a different thing. No one knows you, so no one trusts you. But they believe that you got “something” that is worthy enough to be part of the company. It is now your job to perform always at your best and everything will come to place. They will eventually trust you and you will be part of a wonderful family.

Til then,




You’re off the rails, big time.

 I miss myself.

So everything in my life right now is so damn boring. The main reason…? (ME, of course.) I can’t make up my mind. It is not that I do not know what I want, I do. Believe me I do, it’s just that when I am really close to what I want.. I get afraid, terrified.

It’s like getting married and you are having cold feet. I declined two already and I kinda regret it now.  You know it’s like your super-duper crush actually said I love you and you didn’t answer back? But I know there is something out there for me. I am still alive and well, if there’s life, there’s hope.

Mainly the reason is I just sit back, relax and enjoy everything then BOOM. I just realized that what I’m doing is really wrong. I should do something. Get up and see the world. I should not settle for the “safe, ordinary and plain boring.”

I was watching The Vampire Diaries and Damon told Rebecca that “life sucks when you’re ordinary” and I agreed. Yet I don’t believe that there is an “ordinary person.” I actually didn’t like it when there’s a getting to know session and one will say “I’m just and ordinary girl/boy.” Fuck that. We all have something special within ourselves. You may feel ordinary, but look at yourself clearly and you will just know what you’re “super power” is.

Right now, I am struggling to know what that is. Be it a spy, a researcher, chika girl or whatsoever I am dying to know. I wish and I pray that everything will be smooth and clear.

I don’t understand this, even one bit of my misery.

Last night, I cried bucket tears. At least five buckets. I can’t just stop. The emotions are so high and I am so tired. My one and only puppy is sick..

Remember that I blogged about losing Zarren?! Then now, my puppy, Sweetie is sick. DAMN. One thing I don’t understand is that we shower our pets with extreme love, care and happiness. Then, they still get sick. They still get seriously sick. Okay lang sana kung appetite lost lang. This one is at first, we thought constipation then she started to have convulsions yesterday then there’s white foam that’s coming out from her mouth. Seeing that is so painful. She’s just a baby!! WHY?! Then, we called her veterinarian, thank God that he answered his phone even though I know he’s so busy. He helped us understand, he said it might be “parvo virus”. I started locking myself in my sister’s room and cried. Dog-lovers will know that “parvo virus” is deadly to dogs. I just don’t understand why these things happen to us. Are we not worth to have a pet to love?! Sweetie is still a puppy. She’s just two months and yet she’s suffering.

My sister brought Sweetie again to her veterinarian today, then they still don’t know what Sweetie has. It might be because of her blood, anemic, they say. They prescribed her with a lot of medicines. I just hope and pray that Sweetie can make it alive. I just can’t take it anymore if another dog will die again. That is just too much to take.

To all the people who’s planning to have a dog, dogs are not just for “security” in your household. They should be part of your family. Simple “lost of appetite” is not simple, they might be facing a real problem. Dogs are prone to different viruses while they are still young. I advise that once you got them, you immediately seek for a veterinarian to check your dog. You should take care of them because once they get sick, everything will be painful. So make sure that your dog get her proper nutritions and make sure she completes her shots. It is very essential to complete her shots.

To my Sweetie Patootie, please make it. I love you so much. I know you are in so much pain, but we are with you. We will fight until the end! I hope my next blog will be about how you survived. I love you. Please stay strong! I will take care of you no matter what. Sorry I kept on crying yesterday while you were having a convulsion. I just can’t take it seeing you like that. I know that I should put on a brave face para you’ll feel strong. I bought 5 cans of liver spread for you!! I love you!

To those who read this, please please I ask for prayers for my dog! Please pray that she’ll survive. I love her so much and I can’t lose her like this. Thank you so much! May God bless you all.

Hey! Look at the Sun.

I just noticed that for the past few days, I’ve been blogging about how I lost a loved one. This year has been a very rough year for me, considering that it is just the first quarter of the year.

But there’s always a silver lining. I won’t lose hope or lose grip in my life. I realized that I’m still alive and I need to live in order to survive. If I myself give up, who else can lift me up?

Maybe, I’m thinking negative thoughts. WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY the magnet of nega vibes.

So starting tonight, I should pray more and think of positive, happy and uplifting thoughts. In that way, I can attract positive vibes/ energy. Maybe, that is the first step in order to become happier and healthier person, inside and out.

And ilang days nalang, I am opening another chapter in my life. It’s been a tough decision, but I know deep inside I needed that. I needed that to become a better person. I am not a child anymore, I should learn how to be independent cos my parents will not be always here beside me forever. I know I should NOT stop learning..

There’s still nine months for 2013, I KNOW THERE’S SOMETHING GOOD THAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME.

And I will call this “Attract Positive Vibes Project” so I should always remember to breath in positive things, breath out negative thoughts *insert breathing action here*

Til then,



BazZARous, Bazarzar, Zarrenito Burrito, Bebe Girl, Super Z, Zarzar, my beloved dog, died on March 2, 2013. It was SUCH A HEARTBREAKING news to my whole family. I lost another family member, whom I really love. She was the best dog that I had, I loved her so much but she loved me TOO much.

Let me tell you the story on how my mother got her. Our friendly kapit-bahay went door to door in our subdivision, asking if we want a dog for only 100 pesos. At first, my mother didn’t want to buy the dog but she saw the heart shape thingy on the dog’s head.


ImageLook at the heart shape thingy on my dog’s head! It is one of her asset. That’s why my mom suddenly fell in love with this dog, cos she looooves heart shape.

It was also my Mom’s birthday during that time, January 22. I was in Binangonan, Rizal for a fashion shoot. When I got home, my sister Kylie was the one opened the door. And she was smiling. I noticed that there is something in her smile. Then, I heard noises. I thought it was a parrot. Pero pinakita nya sa akin yung dog. She was soooo small and cute!!



She was sooo cute and adorable. They told me that they were planning to name her “hundreds” since she was a hundred-peso dog. But then my Mom changed her mind and named her Zarren instead because of her favorite Koreanovela during that time, the name of the bidang girl was Zarren.

Zarren was so easy to love. She’s quiet, loves to play but she also loves to follow me everywhere I go. We instantly became close because on the days that I do not have classes, I play with her, talk to her, took care of her and give her regular baths.

Then, my sister noticed that I am Zarren’s master. She loves to follow me around. But, I guess my Mom was Zarren’s master because Zar’s afraid of my Mom. 😛

I love Zarren to the core. I do not want here getting hurt. I do not want her hearing not so good things about herself. There was a time that she got sick then the vet told us it might be parvo virus, but it wasn’t. She survived. I thought she’s gonna die.

Zarren was a smart dog. Why? There are many reasons why. Here are few reasons:

  • You can fool Zarren, but ONLY ONCE. Once you’ve fooled her, she will learn that you are just fooling her and she won’t EVER follow what you want her to do.
  • She CAN understand words and follow it without proper training (I meant with a dog trainer or something). She can understand ‘baba, down, NO, excuse me, come here, sleep ka na, ligo ka later, good girl, love you,’ etc.
  • She’s so protective! Once my Dad was joking around and sinasakal niya ako for fun wala namang pain or whatever but I was also fooling around that I was in pain, Zarren got mad and barked at my Dad.
  • She HATES color blue, especially our water dispenser which is big and is.. color BLUE. All her fur will stand up cos of anger for that color.
  • She loves her violet starry starry pillow. She can’t sleep without it.
  • She HATES it when it rains cos it will be so wet outside. She doesn’t walk on a wet surface.
  • She cries whenever she sees us leaving the house.
  • She doesn’t like cockroaches. She’s VERY AFRAID of them.
  • She’s mad at flies and mosquitoes.
  • She loves spaghetti. She hates pancit canton.
  • Whenever she feels like she needs to pee or poop, she’ll direct us towards the door and makes an excited noise. When she’s done, she scratches our door. It’s like she’s knocking then she waits outside for us to open the door. If we don’t open the door she’ll cry and continue to scratch the door until we give in.
  • She understands our mood. Whenever we’re down, she’s down too.

I am missing her every single day. I love you so much baby girl!! 😦 Why did you leave me 😦 I love you.


All these years, I thought I’m a girl who likes to go out. But now I realized, I’m not. I am a home-buddy. I prefer spending the day at home. Why is that?

1. I work 6 days, (yes, from Monday-Saturday) every week. My only rest day in Sunday so I spend it with my family.

2. With 6 days of work, I miss my family. 

3. I am a family first person. Whatever it is, when my family needs me. I can sacrifice anything for them.

I feel happy whenever I see my family happy. I do not forget to give them something if I have an extra money. It is either candies, ice cream, pizza or dvds. They are so precious to me that I can give up anything for them. If they need me, I will always be there for them. 

Due to recent happenings in my life, our family got the chance to be together again. I finally saw my relatives again from Canada, and my cousins whom I haven’t seen from so many years. I think Lola made it possible for us to see each other again. Imagine, some of my cousins are already working and it’s hard to get a leave. So Lola did her magic and we were able to spend at least a week with each other.

I am including here photos of my family. See how beautiful and happy we are together. 🙂










I Learned.

After so many happenings in my life, I can write in Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK, known as the show in ABS-CBN which shows the life of the letter sender. Mga nakaka-inspire and nakakaiyak na life story usually.) I’m sure you’ll cry bucket of tears because of my life’s story. But you won’t because I won’t write to MMK. 😛

For everything that I’ve been through, it is important that I learned something from that “everything”. I know I’m still young, but age is not an excuse. If you have to learn you should learn.

From losing two person that I love, my Ninong Steve and my Lola, I learned that communication within family is really important. Do not miss any important and special occasion of a family member–birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc. Because if they’re gone, you will regret to not even greet them or call them to ask how are they, what are they doing, etc. If they’re gone, you won’t have the chance to do that anymore. You won’t have a single chance to hear their voice to talk to you or answer you. You won’t have the chance to hug them or kiss them. You won’t have the chance to eat or watch the television with them.

So grab every chance you have, because life is so temporary, you won’t know what happen next. You do not know when will you lose them. Isang araw, kasama mo sila, masaya kayo. The next day, kukunin na pala siya ni Lord. Napakahirap mawalan ng minamahal sa buhay. Masakit.

Kaya kayo, pahalagahan niyo ang pamilya niyo. Kasi pag wala na sila, dun mo lang mararamdaman yung regrets na sana ginawa mo habang buhay pa sila.

To my Ninong Steve and Lola, I love you both. Happy ako na magkasama na kayo sa Heaven with Lolo, Tita Henny and Tito Paul and most especially God. Be our Guardian Angels po! I love you all. :*

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